Friday, 18 September 2015

The Invasion of Europe.

Some Questions for those who think the great majority of the Muslims pouring into Europe are genuine refugees.
1 Why do young men outnumber others 10 to 1
2 Why do they attack, both physically and verbally those trying to stop them or to find out who they are. Many hide their faces, refuse to be finger printed and refuse to be put into ordered camps.
3 Scenes of young Muslim 'refugees' shouting out Allah Akbar and fuck you in Arabic dispel any notion that these are real people fleeing persecution.
4 Why if our Western civilisation is so abhorrent to true Muslims is it the first place the run to.
5 Where are their mothers, sisters and wives. Are they just left behind???
6 Do you really think these people are going to settle quietly in places like Germany; learn the language, obey western laws and assimilate into the culture.

Wake up people please before it is to late.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Some questions that need answers.
1. Why do young men outnumber others 9 to 1
2. Why does the media always just show scenes of the very few mothers and children in the crowd.
3. Why don't these people  stay in places like Turkey where they are safe and amongst fellow       Muslims.
4. How many refugees have Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other rich oil states taken. The answer is 0. WHY?
5. Why when asked do they invariable say they want 'a better life'. If refugees why don't they say, 'to be safe'.
6. Where are all the mothers, sisters, daughters and other female family members? If they have left them behind to face 'danger and persecution' are they not cowards in fleeing themselves or have no regard for females?
7. How can the Europeans be sure that amongst all these thousands of unscreened so called refugees there are not many radicals who have arrived to do them harm.

I am sure that any person truly looking at these events and ignoring the media hype will also have many questions.