Monday, 28 April 2014


Currently to join the Australian Labor Party one must first be a member of a union.
This, unfortunately, has one major outcome. The Labor Party is controlled by the unions.
Their policies are dictated by the unions. Their candidates are chosen by the unions and mostly decisions made by Labor politicians are influenced by their union affiliations.
It is my opinion that if the Australian Labor Party wants to remain a strong force in Australian Politics it must change.
Scrap union membership as a requirement to join. Candidates chosen by members in the electorate and do away with union factions among their elected members.

Monday, 7 April 2014


The situation that Ukraine and Russia find themselves in today is typical of many such problems that have occurred around the world in the past 100 years or so.
I will explain.
Many times the borders of countries and even countries themselves are arbitrarily decided on political grounds or even to satisfy external pressures. Too often this does not take into account the ethnicity or political leanings of the people affected. Sometimes even large populations that consider themselves to be a national group are left stateless. The Kurds in the Middle East are a perfect example of this.
Another example of this is Hungary where now more Hungarians live outside of Hungary than within. This occurred because of the arbitrary changing of their borders after wars.
i do not know what the future holds for the Ukraine but i just wish that the powers that be would let the people decide.

Friday, 4 April 2014


I know that many people follow rugby league in Australia. However it is only a SPORT.
I do not know why certain commercial TV stations in Australia spend at least 40 to 50% of their evening news broadcast on the subject.
We do not need to know that some overpaid player has a groin strain or that another did not turn up to training or that some player might transfer from one club to another.
Such items as these are reported at length to the exclusion of news that might affect every Australian.
I. E. The visit of the Prime Minister of Malaysia was not reported on the channel 9 news but 15 minutes of rugby non news was. Get real people.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


I have recently returned from a road trip that took my wife and myself from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia to Brisbane. a round trip of well over 2,000 ks. That is probably less than one third of the way along the east coast of Australia. My point. Australia; The largest island and smallest continent and we (Australians) own it all. We can travel freely the length and breadth of our nation.
We have a stable government, health care for all, free education and a wonderful care free life style.
Also there are not to many countries where in one day you can go snow skiing in the morning and diving on a world heritage  coral reef in the afternoon.
We have unique wild life. Fantastic beaches. A great climate. And, unlike the USA not everyone thinks they have to own a gun for protection, in fact we have possibly the lowest deaths per 1,000 head of population from gun crime of any nation in the world.
So, to my fellow Australians, stop complaining and just enjoy the fact that you live in the Best, Fairest, Safest and Most Free country in the world.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Qantas the Australian airline is suffering severe financial difficulties and today I heard the head of the Transport Workers Union give his opinion about what should be done.
The airline has stated that it will have to shed up to 5,000 jobs over the next three years to stay viable.
The only offer from the TWU was reduce that number drastically or we will take industrial action (strikes).
Industrial action would only have the effect of worsening Qantas's position and increasing its losses. If that occurred the airline would either fold or have to reduce costs further.
Surely common sense would dictate that the union should work with Qantas management in a cooperative way to ensure the future viability of the airline and therefore the security of the jobs of employees covered by the TWU.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There has been much media speculation that Qantas, the Australian International Airline, will be allowed to increase its foreign ownership to over 50%.
I believe that Qantas is an iconic AUSTRALIAN company and how could we call it OUR airline if it is owned by foreigners.
The help that Qantas needs is the reduction of the many freedoms granted to its competitors and the unions involved in the airline to take a realistic look at the future of some of the extraordinary wages and conditions that their member now enjoy.
The last time I looked Qantas clerical staff on shift work get 5 weeks leave every 8 months and 3 months long service leave after 10 years. This compares with airline staff in America that get just 2 weeks a year and most receive no such thing as long service leave.
Unless common sense prevails we will see many many Qantas jobs disappearing overseas like Ford, Holden and Toyota. Those companies are just the latest in a ling list who just cannot afford to remain in Australia.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Last night Australian TV Channel 7 showed video of the raid conducted on their premises by Australian Police forces. Whilst they played the video they dubbed it with the sound of NAZI boots marching and martial music.
I find this a disgrace as the raid was legitimate and based on information gathered and some that was available in the public domain.
To liken our Police services to Nazi storm troopers was most offensive to many Australians.
Channel 7 you have over stepped the mark this time. I think you doth protest too much!


Today i read about candle lit vigils being held for the "refugee" who died during the recent Manus Island riot.
I make the following points.
These people were calling him a poor refugee who came here seeking our help. Nobody knows the history of this man. For all we know he could have been a criminal fleeing the law in his own country. People should not make claims that cannot be substantiated.
This man could have also been an instigator of the riot and been killed whilst attacking others.
If you wish to hold candle lit vigils please do so for those who we know the facts about.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


On the TV tonight we have the ridiculous spectacle of the meeting of two popes during the inauguration of the latest cardinals.
We were entranced by this meeting of an exclusive men's only club. Elderly men paraded around dressed in funny hats and wearing dresses overlaid with lace. The whole scene was resplendent in gold and precious gems. This display of wealth and power was occurring at the same time as many of the people in Catholic Countries live in abject poverty.
WHAT does this have to do with Christianity. Jesus taught humility, inclusiveness and the rejection of the trappings of absolute wealth. His early followers met in the homes of believers and partook of simple ceremonies. There were no gold crosses, embroidered dresses, silly hats. the waving of smoke, just fellowship and a simple meal together as equals.
This ridiculous facade, empty of true Christianity and empathy has to change. There needs to be another reformation.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


The recent announcement that Toyota are ceasing car making in Australia in 2017 further highlights a problem that we have in this country.
Much has been said about the exchange rate of the Australian dollar and the small market that is Australia. There is however one fact that is overlooked or not given due importance. That is productivity.
For Instance. Japanese car workers are paid roughly the equivalent of Australian workers but for every two cars produced by a worker here the Japanese workers produce three.
We appear to have this feeling of entitlement here in Australia. We may have better wages, better conditions, more holidays, shorter working hours etc....BUT in the global markets that exist today are these entitlements sustainable????

Monday, 10 February 2014


Schapelle Corby, a convicted drug courier is released from jail and the Australian media go into a frenzy. Even the channel 9 morning show sent over their top man. It is headlines on all the news reports.
At the same time Toyota looks like closing manufacturing in Australia in 2017 with the loss of at least 2000 jobs. Lets get our priorities right here. Corby is just a criminal being released after spending her time in jail. Nothing less nothing more. Enough is enough!!
What she has done or might do has absolutely no impact on me or for that matter 99.99% of Australians. Now go away and report something that REALLY matters.

Monday, 3 February 2014


Today is a sad day.
The last international cricket match of the season in Australia was played last night.
So for approximately 8 or 9 months we wont see true sportsman at the height of their powers playing a game where no one gets punched, eye gouged, elbowed or smashed into the ground.
Now starts the season of over paid, overweight, under employed 'football heroes'.
Already we have the sorry stories of assaults, drink driving and drugs.
It is beyond time that this sport was cleaned up.
How can a rugby league player claim to be an elite sports hero when they spend most of their off time up till the morning hours in clubs and pubs.
There should be much stricter penalties for such behaviour before they can claim to be 'role models' for our children and youth.
There is much in the news these days about alcohol fuelled violence.....well our footballers have a great chance to set an example for good in this area.

Monday, 20 January 2014


Tony Abbott and the new Liberal National coalition government should now begin to have clear water ahead to start to implement some of their policies. They have now identified most of the mess left to them by the previous Labor Government. When the new Senate is sworn in in the middle of the year this should give them an opportunity to push through new legislation.
The later part of this year 2014 will be the time that we should be starting to judge Tony and his team on their performance.

Friday, 3 January 2014


Well the silly holiday season is over again for another year.
Now that raises the question, sorry to digress, should we wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or as the US President did just Happy Holidays. Me, I am for Merry Christmas. I would not be offended if someone from another religion wished me a happy or merry day on a date that was significant to them.
Now to new year resolutions. Why do we bother; we never keep them. To lose weight for instance takes more that just a wish on one day as does giving up smoking. So my policy is to just relax over the holidays, enjoy the food, the company and all that goes with Christmas.
A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.