Friday, 13 December 2013


Well it is good to be back home again and back in front of my laptop.
Four weeks ago I had a total knee replacement operation on both knees! Yes both at the same time.
I spent a week in a regular hospital after the operation and then two weeks in a rehab hospital. The physio and hydro therapy were great. I am now walking with just one walking stick. It is still quite painful, especially at night in bed but regular doses of endone and panadol osteo look after this.
If anyone is considering getting a knee replacement operation I would recommend going ahead with it. If both knees need replacement then I would, and my doctor and two friends, recommend getting both done at once.
Possible the worse aspect now is trying to sleep at night as it is very difficult to get comfortable.
I have exercises that I do religiously twice a day and am seeing progress.
I should be back doing regular blog entries soon.