Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The long running investigation of the actions of these ex Labor Party heavyweights has reached its conclusion. Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald could face lengthy prison sentences if found guilty of corruption.
I think that it is time for all members of the Labor Party that were in power with them in NSW or associated with them in their dealings with Federal Labor should now state clearly and plainly their abhorrence of their acts and to state that they were in no way involved. The great majority of the members of the party are hard working people and politicians that only have the good of NSW and Australia at heart. It would help to clear the air and give the party a chance for renewal.
There has been a suggestion that any proceeds of corrupt behaviour on the part of the men identified in the enquiry should be immediately seized and returned to state revenue. This I think would please the voters of NSW as NO ONE should be seen to benefit from such behaviour.
Again I state that I believe that the great majority of the members of the Labor party are honest and well meaning people but all seeds and roots of this corruption must be identified and dealt with.

Monday, 29 July 2013


It has been reported today that the Government of Fiji has issued a stinging response to Kevin Rudd's solution to the problem of illegal boat arrivals into Australia. This "solution" is to send everyone who arrives he illegally by boat to PNG for processing and settlement. This includes unaccompanied children, minors and families.
The main thrust of Fiji's opposition to this idea is that it would irrevocably change the culture, stability and ethnic mix of the area. There is also the issue of the religious beliefs of most of the asylum seekers: they are predominately Muslim and PNG and the Pacific Islands are Christian states. The Christian belief is actually mentioned in the constitution document of PNG.
The Fiji response, in as many words, calls this policy an irresponsible knee jerk reaction to an Australian problem caused by the Australian Labor Government.
Once again I, and many Australians, are asking for the details of this agreement with PNG.
THE COST? HOW MANY? HOW LONG? WHERE IN PNG (Manus will only hold 600 after work is finished in mid 2014)?

Saturday, 27 July 2013


It has been revealed, just this morning, that the Labor Government have again badly miscalculated their projections regarding the Australian economy. Revenue is $8 Billion lower than they predicted just over two months ago in the May budget. Their prediction of a surplus in 2016-17 is now looking impossible. Many of the Labor members are saying that either there will have to be savage cuts or once again their  surplus predictions will have to be pushed a long way out into the future.
Their, much vaunted Mining Tax, is only bringing in a fraction of the predicted revenue and the changing of the Carbon Tax to an ETS a year earlier has also put a large dent in projected revenue.
So what does this say about the ability of a Labor Government to manage the Australian Economy.
I will leave the answer to that question up to you to decide.
If one just stands back for a moment from political allegiances and looks dispassionately at what Kevin Rudd has done since coming back to power one has to conclude that it has just one aim. His election, at whatever cost, and the shoring up of his position in the future so it would be difficult to challenge him.
This is my opinion....We cannot afford another 3 years of a Labor Government.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


To many Australians, such as myself, the birth of a Royal Baby in far of England has little meaning or relevance. In the United Kingdom it can and should be celebrated but here in Australia in this day and age it has very little, if any, impact on our daily lives. Our ties to the 'Old Country' are becoming very tenuous indeed.
Very many Australians now believe that our country should be a republic.
 A very large proportion of our population do not have an English background and indeed many have their origins in other  continents rather than Europe.
Our future security and economic success has absolutely nothing to do with the UK. What happens in Asia and America determines our future.
The concentration of the media outlets here in Australia on the royal birth is overwhelming the areas on which they should be reporting. We have a crucial election looming which could decide the future direction of Australia and this morning 90% of the national news time has been taken up with the appearance of a mother and baby in a foreign country. Where are our priorities????

Sunday, 21 July 2013


There are many questions still to be answered by Kevin Rudd about the Labor Party's latest attempt to stop the influx of illegal boat people to Australia.
1 What is the deal that was offered to PNG as regards financial incentives. In other words what is the cost to Australia in both short and long term.
2 Will families with children or unaccompanied children be sent to Manus Island. If not what will happen to them.
3 Will the people arriving by boat be eligible for a recourse to the Australian legal system. I.E. will they be able to fight their deportation to PNG through our court system.
4 Does PNG and in particular Manus Island have the facilities, medical resources and security in place to handle an influx of foreigners.
5 What is the real view of the local people on Manus Island as this will be crucial to the re-settlement of these boat people.
6 As the PNG mainland is only 4 kms from the nearest Australian territory in the Torres Straight will the Federal Government beef up the border controls in this area.
7 When will Manus Island be ready to take a large influx of so called refugees. The facilities there are hardly coping with the handful of people there now.
8 Does this new system of handling refugees that arrive by boat also apply to the hundreds that arrive by aircraft every week. Also will it apply to the thousands of people here illegally who have overstayed their visas or work permits and who then claim refugee status when apprehended.
9 WHY HAS KEVIN RUDD SO DRASTICALLY CHANGED HIS ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE BOAT PEOPLE JUST BEFORE AN ELECTION. It was Kevin Rudd who willingly dismantled a solution back in 2007/8 that was working. As Amanda Vanstone said this morning it is like a man who has just set fire to your house now offering to hold the hose for you.
10 Be very wary of promises made by Kevin Rudd the king of policy makers on the run.

Friday, 19 July 2013


When I first read these headlines this morning I thought someone was having a joke.
However it now appears to be a new policy to be announced soon by the Australian Labor Party.
SO. the boat people keep coming to Australia, we process them at the usual exorbitant cost to the Australian taxpayer then send them to Papua New Guinea or some other place.
Some questions beg to be answered.
Who would accept them and why?
Would Australia have to pay billions of dollars to these countries to bribe them to take these people.
Would they soon become unwelcome in the countries to which they have been sent against their will.
Would they still be able to use our legal systems, (as they do now), to challenge such removal.
This just looks like a revamped Malaysian Solution.
The Labor Party and Kevin Rudd can now promise whatever they like before the election as it is impossible for it to become law before the election and in all likelihood will be voted down in the Senate after the election. The Greens and Coalition will still have the majority in the Senate.


It would appear that the tactics used by the people smugglers sending boats from Indonesia to Australia has fallen into a very predictable pattern.
They depart Indonesia and as soon as possible radio Australian Authorities that they are in trouble and our navy or customs ships go to their aid. It is becoming like a taxi service.
The question that I ask is....where are the Indonesian Navy, Coast guard, Emergency Services in all of this. Many of the rescues made by Australian ships have occurred just of the coast of Indonesia and many hundreds of miles from Australian waters. I have not heard of ONE refugee boat being rescued by an Indonesian ship once it has left their territorial waters. One must always remember that these refugee boats are Indonesian, crewed by Indonesians and departed from Indonesian ports.
Why is Indonesia not criticised for failing to come to the rescue of their own boats and citizens. Instead Australia is sometimes criticised for a slow response even though these incidents happen a long way from our country.
There does seem to be different standards applied here.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Yesterday 300+ in 24 Hours. I heard my neighbour say, 'This is looking like an INVASION.'
As one of our better Prime Ministers said, 'We retain the right to say who comes to our country and how.'
With both our current Foreign Minister and prime Minister admitting that many of these people arriving are economic refugees and not under any duress in the country they have come from then they should be sent straight back home.
We are just a small country population wise and cannot afford such an influx of non English speaking, unskilled and ethnically very different people.
We have a great refugee/immigration process and entry to our country should be by these controlled and compassionate means.
I and many of my fellow countrymen and women are very worried what the future holds for Australia if this current uncontrolled influx of uninvited people continues.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I was listening to talk back radio this morning when a listener rang in and said something that resonated with me.
He stated that a number of his friends said that they disliked Tony Abbot. When asked what it was that they disliked about him they could not give a reason or said such things as, 'It's the way he walks.'
I find this incredibly interesting. Do we as human beings like or dislike another person for no valid reason or even because of the way they walk, or look, or talk. Are we so shallow that we always judge people as we would a book by its cover. Surely it should be by what they believe, what they do and the strength of their character and morals.
Maybe we should ask people if they like Kevin Rudd and why.
Let us please judge our politicians by their beliefs, character, actions and what they have contributed to the general well being and prosperity of our nation.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Yesterday Kevin Rudd announced that he was going to change the way the leader of the parliamentary Labor party was to be chosen. there would be a vote evenly divided between rank and file members and members of the caucus. The whole procedure could take at least thirty days.
I believe that this is a transparent ploy to make sure that in the future he cannot be challenged as the leader of the party and to try to neutralise the criticism that faceless men in the union movement control the party.
It is well known that large blocks of the parliamentary Labor Party are controlled by some of the largest unions. Therefore this would appear to be a hollow promise as it will never be passed by the majority of the members of his caucus. The last time that Kevin Rudd tried to break the control of the unions over the party he was unceremoniously dumped as leader.

Monday, 8 July 2013


As a casual observer there appears to have been an hysterical over reaction to coal seam gas exploration in Australia. There must, of course, be informed discussion and debate about the merits and future potential of this possible new source of energy.
Unfortunately the debate has been overridden by the loud shrill reaction of some of the more radical backers of the green movement. This has tended to demonise anyone who tries to rationally discuss the possible merits of coal seam gas. The gathering of signatures from members of the public who have no clear understanding of the science, technology, benefits, possible dangers or long term effects on agriculture, does not prove a thing apart from the fact that a scare campaign is working.
I believe that it is vital that a reasoned debate must take place where the real facts, science etc is discussed by people fully qualified to do so. If the general consensus of these people is that it is harmful or dangerous to continue then so be it.
I, and I am sure that many Australians want the facts and not hysterical reaction so we can make a rational decision. With our dwindling resources of usable means of power generation we must make sure that all future avenues are PROPERLY investigated.
I am neither for or against coal seam gas I just want the facts.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


The Federal Australian Labor Party has just announced an investigation and short term take over of their NSW branch.
What a joke. There has been an investigation going on now for many months. Not brought on by the Federal Branch of the party but by the NSW Government. It is highly probable that criminal charges of fraud and corruption will arise from this investigation.
The Federal Branch of the party have said that they will take over the running of the NSW branch for a period of 30 days. Anyone found to have acted corruptly will be ejected from the Labor Party.
It would appear that the allegations of blatant corruption in the NSW Labor Party have been going on for years. It beggars belief that the Federal Branch were not aware of these allegations. IF SO why did they not act earlier. If they deny previous knowledge what does this say about the running of the party.
The Labor Party did not act whilst Labor was in power in NSW. Nor did they act after they were thrown out and the allegations of corruption emerged into the public domain. They are only acting now when a  Federal election is looming and they are desperate to retain Labor seats in western Sydney.
Again I am not a member of any political party and the above is just how I see the situation. If you want to agree or disagree please leave a comment.

Monday, 1 July 2013


Mr Kevin Rudd has been recycled by the Labor Party and is now the new Prime Minister of Australia.
He replaces Julia Gillard the previous PM. She was defeated by a vote of the sitting Labor members by a vote of 57 to 45.
Julia Gillard replaced Rudd in a similar coup just three years ago.
Three years ago Rudd was replaced by his party because of a drop in support for the then Labor Government. He was described by his parliamentary colleagues as a control freak, megalomaniac and even worse. YET they have now reinstated him; once again because of a poor showing in the polls.
I defy anyone to understand the logic of this. He is a failure in 2010, is replaced by another (Gillard) who is also a disaster, then they bring back the original failure, disaster.
May be he is just the best of a very bad lot!
Many of the best, and longest serving, members of the Labor cabinet have now resigned and some are even leaving politics all together. The new ministers announced today are either those that sided with Rudd in his challenge or are total newcomers with no experience. In other words this new Labor ministry is made up of people whose only interest was the preservation of their jobs or total unknowns thrust into the limelight as there was no one else.
How can these new ministers get a good grip on their portfolios in the short time remaining when parliament does not sit between now and the election. Most of them will be campaigning in their own electorates desperately trying to hold on.
I am not a member of any political party or lobby group. Just a concerned Australian.