Friday, 28 June 2013


Kevin Rudd, the new/old leader of the Labor Party and now Prime Minister is already promising to get tough on illegal refugees arriving in Australia by boat. This would have to be one of the most cynical about faces in modern Australian Politics. It was this same Kevin Rudd newly elected in 2007 that did away with all the refugee policies of the preceding government. Those policies had been so effective that the numbers of illegal arrivals fell to almost zero. Under his new arrangements they have now risen to many tens of thousands a year.
Will he ADMIT that he and the Labor Government got it WRONG.
This very morning the new Treasurer was saying that they want to revisit the Malaysia solution. This "SOLUTION" meant sending 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia and taking 4,000 in return. With the current rate of arrivals that quota could be filled in one week.
Why do Labor politicians find it so hard to admit that the last Coalition Government had the right solution.
One final point. The current Foreign Minister Mr Carr admitted this morning that many of the so called refugees are actually economic ones who are just after more money and have not and will not face any persecution in their home country. He further admitted that our checks of these people are so weak that many of them are accepted as refugees.
For the sake of the security and economic future of our country, GET IT RIGHT NOW!!


There is talk that the newly installed PM Kevin Rudd is going to dump the carbon tax and go I to a carbon trading scheme 2 years before it is scheduled.
The main problem with that, as pointed out by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, is that the Labor Government have already spent the anticipated revenue from the tax for the next 2 years. This would create a huge hole in the forward estimates and put our country further into debt.
Of course this change can only be a promise that they would do this if re-elected and can get it past a possibly Greens controlled Senate.
One must always remember that this is another mess created by themselves and promoted in the past by their "born again" leader.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Again the Australian Labor Party has rejected their own sitting Prime Minister. Just over three years ago they knifed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and replaced him with Julia Gillard. Yesterday they replaced her with Kevin Rudd.
What does this say about the judgement of the Labor Party. They admitted they were wrong in electing Rudd and so replaced him with Gillard and now oopss wrong lets bring Rudd back.
This fiasco could be likened to a company that makes a product that the community don't like so they sack the director of the company and replace him with someone else but
 still continue to produce the product that no one wants.
Bring on the election so at last after 3 years of Labor mismanagement and farce we the people can have our say.
Kevin Rudd your own party did not want you before, the public did not want you and we still don't.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


I believe that all the media chatter about a possible challenge to Julia Gillard as the Prime minister and leader of the Australian Labor Party is reflecting the true feelings of most members of her cabinet. The reason that no one, not even Kevin Rudd, is willing to challenge is for a very basic reason. Who would want the poison chalice? Even with K Rudd as leader they are still heading for a monumental drubbing. The real jockeying for position is now all about who will be the leader of the party in opposition after the election.
When, not if, they are defeated at the election I cannot see Julia continuing as the leader. I am sure that she would also resign from parliament rather than experience the ignominy of sitting on the back benches.
Many would say that it would be poetic justice to see her lead the party to a crushing defeat and to have much of the blame heaped on her head.
Maybe after the election K Rudd could break away and form a True Labour Party as distinct from the Union...err Labor Party.
It must be a real sadness for most true Labor supporters to see their once proud political party lose its values, direction and become mired in internal bickering and pandering to the Independents and Greens.
Bring on the election.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Australia has just defeated Iraq with a last minute goal. They now are automatic qualifiers for the Football World Cup.
It was a brilliant game with Iraq showing real courage and skill.
The game was played with a great show of sportsmanship behaviour from both teams.
The crowd of over 80,000 went wild when Australia scored. They were all well behaved with no apparent problems or bad behaviour.
Soccer in Australia stands head and shoulders above the other codes both skills displayed and player behaviour.
Well done Australia.


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Friday, 14 June 2013


I have just heard that the USA is going to provide weapons to the rebels in Syria.
I just wonder why they did not learn their lesson from what happened in Afghanistan.
After Russia invaded Afghanistan the USA provided the resistance there with a whole range of sophisticated weaponry. After Russia left these weapons were then used by the Taliban to take control of the country. They are still being used today against the coalition forces.
I sincerely trust that there is some mechanism in place to stop the weapons provided to the Syrian rebels being used in the future against the West.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I have just read a very disturbing article in The Australian newspaper dated June 8-9 2013.
Here are some excerpts from the article written by Greg Sheridan the foreign editor.
45,000 boat-people have arrived in Australia since late 2008.
It is the greatest single disaster of the Gillard Government.
This policy failure threatens to overwhelm and contaminate Australia's entire immigration programme and may change the nature of Australian society.
This financial year we will reach 25,000 by the end of June.
If the new norm is 3,000 a month the annual rate will be 36,000.
The three chief source countries are Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.
This boat-people phenomenon is essentially a determined Muslim immigration.

Assume that 40,000 of those who have arrived are Muslim, mostly low skilled and with limited English. Assume that each one is responsible for one family reunion immigrant. That is a cohort, so far, of 80,000 low skilled Muslims with poor English predominately from countries that have the most radical and extreme jihadist traditions in the world.

Immigration figures released last year revealed that five years after arrival the rate of employment - not unemployment - of Afghans was 9 per cent. 94 per cent of Afghan households received Centerlink payments. From Iraq 93 per cent of families received Centerlink payments.

We are allowing, indeed attracting, a huge cohort of unskilled Muslim immigrants who have not been chosen by Australian policy or process, but there are almost no unskilled jobs available.

My comments regarding the above.
We must confront this situation head on and do something about it NOW.
If we don't we will surely face a future of disaffected, unemployed, people who are a major drain on our welfare system. This will be to the detriment of our society, culture and future prosperity.